A stroll over the Ringling Bridge

25 Apr

While in Sarasota, there are volumes of things to do. For those who enjoy the outdoors should consider taking a walk over the Ringling Bridge around sunset time. The span of the Ringling Causeway Bridge is 3800 feet long, and extends from the downtown area, to the destination of Lido Key.

A Rich History
According to Sarasota History Alive, the first bridge was opened in January of 1926, and was created to help sell an area sub-division. John Ringling presented the bridge to the City of Sarasota as a gift in June of 1927. In the 1920’s the bridge’s erection costs were estimated at $750,000.00. The deed exchanged hands, and Ringling was paid $1.00 as part of the business transaction. In the 1920’s the bridge’s erection costs were estimated at $750,000.00. In exchange for the bridge, the City of Sarasota was responsible for all maintenance and up-keep, or Ringling’s company could essentially “repossess” the gift.

In the early 1990’s, plans were announced to replace the old draw-bridge that was the second generation to the original. The new bridge would be taller to let boats pass underneath and wider to provide additional traffic lanes. The newest Ringling Bridge is an architectural icon on the downtown Sarasota waterfront.

Things to bring on your stroll
Be prepared with a camera, water bottle and a good pair of sneakers before enjoying your walk. The view is magnificent! If you’re staying in downtown Sarasota at Hotel Ranola you may prefer to start your journey in the early morning, and spend the day at Lido Beach; just on the other side of the bridge. If this is the case, it’s a good idea to bring a backpack with your towel, sunscreen and food essentials for the day.

No matter how you choose to approach a walk on the Ringling Causeway Bridge, it’s definitely a walk to experience and remember!


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